Blast Doors, a.k.a. Everything is Perfectly Fine, is a surreal adventure puzzle game for virtual reality, where the unsettling structure of P.T. (i.e. "Playable Trailer") meets the unstructuring settle of Douglas Adams. Players explore a sci-fi setting, seeking a means of escape, as that setting becomes increasingly absurd and comically strange.

View from the hallway outside the employee kitchen in Blast Doors.
Simple devices, like the light at the end of this hallway, drive the project's slow progression from spooky surrealism toward comical magic realism.
The original version of Blast Doors was designed to make users question the boundaries between the actual and virtual. In this image, we see a user looking at a device similar in size and shape to the Omnideck treadmill, on which they were standing.

Blast Doors was originally designed for exclusive use on the Omnideck treadmill, as part of a collaboration between RUST LTD. and Omnifinity. The first version was a short-form experience, designed for out-of-home installation, and was completed in 2018. RUST LTD. is now expanding the original project into a full-length VR game, and reworking its design to accommodate in-home VR experiences.

Here we see someone playing Blast Doors on an Omnideck treadmill.

I am the director, lead writer, and narrative designer for the project, and also contribute as a developer, level designer, and voice actor. The new demo is scheduled to be released in Summer 2020.


  • Mission IX, Stockholm, Sweden, Feb. to May 2018.

"Our story begins, as many dull stories do, inside an employee break room. This particular break room is particularly dull, as it is the break room in Sector J-Six-Five. Very few employees take their breaks in Sector J-Six-Five. The smell of this place, it tends to linger on toast like the smell of burnt clothes... Yes, it is a dull and smelly sector. Folks used to tell a joke in the employee break room of Sector J-Six-Five. It went something like this. Person A would say, "Hello there, fellow employee, hi, sorry to interrupt your break, but have you noticed we're trapped inside this room?" So Person B would say, "Oh, will you look at that, the automatic lock has engaged and we're stuck inside! There's no way out!" And then Person A--this is the good part--Person A would say, "This stinks!" And everybody would laugh. None of this is true, of course. Nobody has ever worked in Sector J-Six-Five. And there are no smells here. No smells of any kind. Please proceed to the door marked EXIT."